Discord Administration and Auto Moderation Setup

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You must add SoggySaussages#5878 on discord and message them regarding their job listing.

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My name is SoggySaussages, on Discord for 5 years, and I set up community servers with auto moderation.


I've been on discord since 2017, in that time I've watched the rise and fall of many servers, created and hosted my own servers for various gaming groups and small communities, moderated on Content Creators' servers, and coded/configured a variety of Discord bots for auto moderation, anti-nuke protocols, and general fun stuff for community members. I have a passion for coding, and have been developing server administration and moderation through YAGPDB.xyz for the past few months, honing my skills, and designing engaging community functions and moderation protocols that scale alongside the largest of servers. I'm currently employed at RedBirdVirtual. If you're looking for large-scale professional servers, reach out to me and the rest of my team at https://discord.gg/RedBirdVirtual

Employee skills

Server creation and design Bot administration, configuration, and auto moderation setup Custom coding through YAGPDB.xyz Server admin/moderation

Past Employers

HERO SOCIETY - TimmyPlayz Community Server Konoha - BreazyUlt Community Server The Soggy Gerbils - Minecraft Faction Server

Current Employers

RedBird Virtual - Discord Server and WordPress Design Konoha - BreazyUlt Community Server The server currently stands at 300 members and growing.

Experience and contact info

Contact me on Discord at SoggySaussages#5878 with what you're looking for. I offer very competitive rates, so don't hesitate to reach out :)