SaucySteppa aka XSin

_xsin Is looking for a Discord Event Manager job!

  • _xsin


  • Event Manager
  • Discord ID: 257810259748323329

How do i contact?

You must add _xsin#0 on discord and message them regarding their job listing.

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I'm a content creator / Brand Developer / Musician and philanthropist. I've built youtuber's communities such as Soloin and Berleezy and have personally developed a broad spectrum of communities and niches beyond then.


I frequently am active and prevalent across most major platforms where I plan and blueprint a vast scale of major communties and merging like-minded ones together. To build foundations requires a dedicated audience/following and even more dedicated creators to support one another and build an empire. I build empires. - Musician / Industry and feature placements - Financial Advice / With open resources and knowledge such as the WrldTree for people to learn more about financial freedom. - Investor - Fashion Designer and Website Developer - Discord Bot Developer - Experienced Administrator and Community Guide - Variety Streamer and Content Creator.

Employee skills

- Dedicated - Communicative - Genuine Work ethic - Hard worker - Experienced w/ Discord and Content Creation, Meta Data / Micro-Marketing

Past Employers

- Soloin - Berleezy - BraumenNoodles Twitch - The Midnight Universe - Realm of Fungi - The Backalley

Current Employers

- DarkWrld + - The WrldTree - Braumen's Bootleg RP

Experience and contact info

- All of my experience and skills have already been mentioned, I hope we can work together and continue to build further and further.