Rags Is looking for a job!

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  • Moderators
  • Discord ID: 347547510946136074

How do i contact?

You must add Rags#1917 on discord and message them regarding their job listing.

Share your feeling

Im a 20 something dude that can moderate a server for you on a regular basis.


I have done this for friends and my own groups for years now and would like to find someone that needs a moderator on a more consistent basis. I know and play games, have a history degree and can deal with unpleasant people if need arises.

Employee skills

People person, able to check in most hours of the day, anything historical, knowledge of video/board/tabletop games.

Past Employers

None that were not friends or my own servers, casual setting.

Current Employers

None currently. Just my friends servers in a casual setting.

Experience and contact info

[email protected] Rags#1917 on discord 3108443748, prefer text but calls are fine Working at a local game store and prev at a taco bell during c