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  • Alpha $urvive

    Alpha $urvive#3500

  • Server Builders
  • Discord ID: 650715146414587914

How do i contact?

You must add Alpha $urvive#3500 on discord and message them regarding their job listing.

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hey ! Hi! Great to see you checking out my services! My name's Addan Asif and my and my discord id is Alpha $urvive#3500. We are a team of specialists for a few years now.


We are professional Discord Server creators. Created almost 1000+ servers in total. We've been working with big companies, helped them achieve their goals, and get trust and satisfaction on their new Discord Servers. We worked with people from all over the world and build their dream servers from scratch to achieve their goals. Most importantly, however, As your service provider, my aim is to identify your vision and give you a perfect solution. We're always searching for new solutions to do the work better and more professionally Our main focus is NFTS / GAMING / CRYPTO / STOCKS These are the categories we are specialize to setup and moderate it My skills: 1. All popular bots set up 2. WehBooks Integration in anything that has Embeds(in short, makes your embeds and server look cooler) 3. Ticket setup 4. Twitter bot and also Reddit bot(posts stuff directly into your server from Twitter or Reddit) 5. Auto moderation and logs(includes message logs) 6. Custom Welcome message 7. Server Stats 8. Reaction Roles 9.Verification System 10.Leveling system 11.Invite Tracking 12.AFK channel 13.Anti-Raid 14.Fun Games (Minigames,Gambling etc) 15.Animated Emoji Pack 16.ETH/SOL Price Tracker 17.Collab land 18.Reaction Roles 19.captcha verification 20.Anti-nuke system Any thing you will ask we will add it ! Looking forward to your response and doing business with you in future. THANKS!

Employee skills

We are excellent in setting up security system in the NFTS / CRYTPO discord server we will provide you the best security system from raids and nuke .

Past Employers

we work with > 1.Rainy Dayz Production 2.Hypercat Hang Nfts 3.Big Mouth Nfts 4.Crytpoz 5.Vending Machines Nfts 6.Babies Of God

Current Employers

we are currently working with: 1.Crytpoz 2.Rainy Dayz Production 3.Big Mouth Nfts

Experience and contact info

Experienced with server management and building. You can DM me on Alpha $urvive#3500or we can arrange an interview to discuss about what you need.