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  • Discord ID: 223488386692939786

How do i contact?

You must add KRockit™#3488 on discord and message them regarding their job listing.

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A high integrity, detail-oriented USAF veteran & avid gamer; A dependable & collaborative team player with a scope for various forms of writing, research, analytics, content creation, marketing & community management.


• Experience managing Discord with over 1K members. Comfortable with and has experience with creation & integration of Discord bots. • Knowledge and experience detecting and mitigating spam and other online vulnerabilities. Phenomenal decision-making skills and an eye for detail. • Knowledge and experience setting roles and permissions for staff, users, and channel access. • Ability to review sensitive and potentially disturbing content including but not limited to vulgar language, violent or hateful speech, indecent and other graphic images. • Excellent written and oral communications abilities. Ability to manage large audiences and grow online communities. • Analyzing performance of all marketing strategies to identify the best opportunities for success. • Managing content releases with online community and analyzing feedback. • Promoting brand awareness through SEO optimization and attractive web & graphic design. • Identified, developed, and evaluated marketing strategies based on knowledge of company objectives and market trends. • Gathered user feedback on server & community issues. • Engaged users with scheduled events & activities.

Employee skills

Audio Engineer | Writer | Graphic Designer | Video Editor | Blogger | Researcher | Community Manager | Aerospace Engineer

Past Employers

GPAD [A large GTAV private lobby crew & community server.]

Current Employers

N/A. However I do moderate my own server. Recently we've merged with twitch streamer Juice Senpai's server.

Experience and contact info

[ https://linktr.ee/kidrockit ] ⬅️Twitter or Discord is best. Available all hours I'm awake, so contact me anytime!