Discord server owners, need an owners help? I am available for hire!

Quartz Is looking for a job!

  • Quartz


  • Server Builders
  • Discord ID: 941804645393784932

How do i contact?

You must add Quartz#7777 on discord and message them regarding their job listing.

Share your feeling

I am 21 currently looking for ways to benefit off my skills online. I love creating things and creating is my passion. I am an out of the box kind of creator and that's why projects given a helping hand by me can grow.


I am a creator, and I find fulfillment in my work. You will be able to observe my work ethic, quickness, and effective problem-solving once I am employed. Communities are usually a plus if you're trying to gain a lot of followers on social media platforms like Twitch or YouTube. 

Employee skills

-Server creation -Server traffic / gaining members -Theme Ideas and creative options -Bot settings (through discord) -Rule planning

Past Employers

I've never really been staff as I like to create and own, so I am technically staff in the 2 servers I own as I do own them.

Current Employers

I currently own a server with over 1k called Terrace, and a smaller server with close to 100 called Lemonade.

Experience and contact info

quartz#7777 - Discord @itsquartzzz - Twitter -Server ownership for over 6 months -2 dropped servers and 1 other -Continued server activity