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  • Discord ID: 837812033394180116

How do i contact?

You must add BNT#7020 on discord and message them regarding their job listing.

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Hi there! I'm Zach, a person who has experience in moderating servers, along with experience with bots.


I'm interested in being an administrator for almost any server types though I've mainly had experience with gaming servers and community servers. I am also experienced in using discord bots.

Employee skills

I am a good at using discord bots, and making them if you need it. I am fast at typing and able to respond quickly to any issues if there are any.

Past Employers

I've been a moderator at Infinity Bot List, most of the servers I still moderate.

Current Employers

I'm a moderator at NQT, and FoodExpress currently. I am open to expanding this, though!

Experience and contact info

Here are some of the ways you can contact me if you want to hire me Discord: BNT#7020 Email: [email protected]