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You must add fawaaz3Eth#5790 on discord and message them regarding their job listing.

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I hold extensive Moderator experience (1,5+ years) Bilingual: English and Afrikaans Flexible schedule willing to work 7-8 per day Timezone: GMT+2 Twitter @Fawaazhendrixxx


I have extensive moderator experience (1,5+ years) which I garnered working in multiple servers, especially in the NFT space helping me to understand Web3 and the current Crypto space at a fairly advanced level. I am bilingual speaking both English and Afrikaans fluently. I have real life sales experience if that may be of any benefit . I am from South Africa (GMT +2) Twitter: @Fawaazhendrixxx Opensea: Fawaazhendrix

Employee skills

Computer proficiency Communication skills Organizational know-how People skills Collaboration talent Problem-solving abilities

Past Employers

The Cybernites - I previously worked as a Moderator for a project named The Cybernites in the NFT space

Current Employers

BitcoinCode NFT - I currently work as the Community Advisor and Moderator

Experience and contact info

Discord fawaaz3Eth#5790 Twitter @fawaazhendrixxx Email [email protected] Feel free to contact me regarding any discord related jobs