Need a Mod or Admin or Developer?

Mr.Clawsツ Is looking for a job!

    Employee Information

  • Category: Other
  • Employee: Mr.Clawsツ Mr.Clawsツ#0103
  • Discord ID: 620708924093628436

How do i contact?

You must add Mr.Clawsツ#0103 on discord and message them regarding their job listing.


Hey! I am Jake and I am a developer, moderator and a admin of some servers! I can make bots for your server or moderate in them to keep your community safe!


I can prevent raids, nukes and etc from happening. I can make sure your community has a fun and safe time. I can make you a discord bot for free. I can advertise your server and get it to 100+ members in just a few weeks and I can do alot more!

Employee skills

I am good at bot developing, advertising, and moderating. I can handle situations very well and I can give the right actions against the user.

Past Employers

SSC (Small Creators Community). Over 20k+ Customs Magical World. 50k+ Animal Crossing Server. 500k+

Current Employers

I am not employed with any of those servers anymore. I have resigned from them.

Experience and contact info

I am always active on server but if im not active in your server is it usually because im just lurking around chat. I do not care about pings or dms.