My uploader resume!

Katsuki♡ Is looking for a Discord Other job!

  • Katsuki♡


  • Other
  • Discord ID: 854765937486856193

How do i contact?

You must add Katsuki♡#0001 on discord and message them regarding their job listing.

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i’m a free and paid uploader. i can follow any aesthetic or theme you have going if you wish. i only upload sfw.


i upload amazing pfps, icons, banners, gifs etc. i’ve gotten amazing reviews from all types of servers! check out for more information! <3 have a great day!

Employee skills

i upload all sorts of pfps, icons, banners, gifs etc. if you have a preferred theme or aesthetic i can definitely follow it.

Past Employers

Aesthetic Vibes MilkJug 2saints thai orphic pearlsxaa’s bread house city of noobs and much more!

Current Employers

mostly everyone, i used to do permanent plans which is why i’m still with some of them. but i want to stick to the plans i created.

Experience and contact info

i’ve worked for many different servers. the ways you can contact me is through discord dms or through my portal.