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Rusho2002 Is looking for a Discord Other job!

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  • Discord ID: 1000409945923141675

How do i contact?

You must add Rusho2002#1875 on discord and message them regarding their job listing.

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I am experienced with discord I have been staff In multiple of different types of discord servers ranging from NFTs to gaming.


I am looking for community's that's needs staff I have been staff in multiple of server that has including Cheif of staff where I was an team leader also I have been moderators and admin I am very enthusiastic and energetic to help out the best I can because If there is no community there is what I mean by that people don't think they can succeed in providing an community but you have to Try and Try.

Employee skills

I am very Knowledgeable always want to make a community and help out anyway possible also I know how to be an moderator and an team leader.

Past Employers

Crypto Monkey Anymous an NFT project And loads of different communities that I have been a moderator in.

Current Employers

Boost cord also Harry Potter discord server which are by the same owner

Experience and contact info

I have been in many different situations ranging from scams to threats and each situations has been handled appropriately [email protected]