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eni ouah Is looking for a Discord Moderators job!

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    eni ouah#5112

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  • Discord ID: 917949179899281480

How do i contact?

You must add eni ouah#5112 on discord and message them regarding their job listing.

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I'm Ouaghzane Houcine, and I'm available for employment as a Discord moderator. My services are both inexpensive and outstanding.


I am a talented Moderator that enjoys being a part of a community. Since I was a child, I've always wanted to be a part of something greater. I'm searching for possibilities to work on discord servers to improve my moderating abilities and expand my knowledge of online community trust and safety. As I hope to make this a job, it is also a huge passion of mine, and I am quite proud of it. I am willing to put in long hours and am eager to obtain additional experience.

Employee skills

Speaking 3 languages Good communication skills Adaptability Exceptional Organizational Skills Teamwork Confident Effective Facilitator

Past Employers

i have no past employers am looking right now for my first employer i have the experience needed i speak arabic, French, English

Current Employers

at the moment i don't work for any employer i'm searching to find someone

Experience and contact info

2 years Experience in Cryptocurrency CONTACT ME: Twitter: @houcinestories Discord: eni ouah#5112 instadram : enicuoh1