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Gabriel. Is looking for a discord Advertising Managers job!

  • Gabriel.


  • Advertising Managers
  • Discord ID: 604227084922912768

How do i contact?

You must add Gabriel.#4697 on discord and message them regarding their job listing.

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I am Gabriel, I've been around discord fir a long time and ready to help make servers and advertise them to become a future big discord community server or etc.


I've been a Advertising Manager & Server Builder for about 5 months and is happily to help your server growth and re-creating your discord server. Please note that this is a paid position. Server Builds is $3 and Advertising are depends on which plan you want to buy. If you buy from me i will also create and advertisement and banner for you.

Employee skills

My skills are communication, digital communication & digital marketing.

Past Employers

My past employers are being a Moderator, Administrator, Server Advertiser & Server Building.

Current Employers

I am still employed with Server Buillding, Server Advertising and Banner Creation

Experience and contact info

I'm serious and if you dont act mature please dont contact me. User: Gabriel.#4697 ID: 604227084922912768