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  • Category: Administrators
  • Employee: TheCarBun TheCarBun#6462
  • Discord ID: 724660696188583946

How do i contact?

You must add TheCarBun#6462 on discord and message them regarding their job listing.


Hi I'm Bun. I'm 19 years old, male and I love building servers. I've created many servers for others that did well and I had built and owned two servers of 1k and presently I own a 5k+ server that I made myself.


Sorry but I don't like doing anything for free except for my friends so.. My pay chart: DM me to discuss I may change it for you depending on what you're looking for (Ranges from $0 to $15 and depends on how much and what kind of work it is) 1. Nitro Classic for a month: Building whole server includes channels and categories, excludes roles and bots 2. Nitro with boosts for a month: Building whole server includes channel, categories, roles and bots Free editing and adding anything in the server for as long as your server exists or until you kick me out XD I hope you like this deal <3 P.S. : I like working alone

Employee skills

I'm good with making servers, all types of channels, setting up their roles and permissions, role settings, bots etc.

Past Employers

Made and owned two successful servers which reached 1k within 2-3 weeks of only disboard invites. Made server for friends that are all 1k+

Current Employers

Owning self made server Bunny's Sweet Home which has 5k members

Experience and contact info

Experienced with server management and building. You can DM me on TheCarBun#6462 to talk and discuss about what you need.