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TheCarBun Is looking for a discord Administrators job!

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  • Discord ID: 724660696188583946

How do i contact?

You must add TheCarBun#6462 on discord and message them regarding their job listing.

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Hi I'm Bun. I'm 20 years old, male and I love building servers. Hire me to get yourself your dream server.


My skills: 1. All popular bots set up 2. Webhooks Integration in anything that has Embeds(in short, makes your embeds and server look cooler) 3. Ticket setup 4. Twitter bot and also Reddit bot(posts stuff directly into your server from Twitter or Reddit) 5. Automoderation and logs(includes message logs) 6. Custom Welcome message 7. Server Stats 8. Reaction Roles and a lot more...

Employee skills

I'm good with making servers, all types of channels, setting up their roles and permissions, role settings, bots etc.

Past Employers

I've made lots of personal servers as well as NFT servers. If you wanna check them out then join this server. https://discord.gg/Haqsvzmhxz

Current Employers

I'm currently employed with NineTailsNFT as their server developer and manager.

Experience and contact info

Experienced with server management and building. You can DM me on TheCarBun#6462 to talk and discuss about what you need. https://discord.gg/Haqsvzmhx