I can help building discord servers

EverLonely05uwu Is looking for a discord Server Builders job!

  • EverLonely05uwu


  • Server Builders
  • Discord ID: 604790617138266149

How do i contact?

You must add EverLonely05uwu#0001 on discord and message them regarding their job listing.

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I'm really keen on creating servers and I've been in discord for 3/4 years, so I'm an expert. nickname: EverLonely05uwu#0001


I create servers when I've got no time to spend, and I would like to help others create them since I've got an enormous ability to do them (these are words of people I've created servers for or that I've invited to one of my servers). I can create servers how you like them: - With/without emojis - With/without strange characters - With a large and useful variety of roles - With clear channels I can help you even choose server info, bots, and rules for your server. And you know what's the best thing? I'm free! nickname: GabrieleYT9768#9172

Employee skills

Creating servers, moderation, programming bots, everything with discord.

Past Employers

I've got only a few employers because I've got problems making know about me, but now with discord home and a server I'm creatin I'l become known.

Current Employers

Nobody at the moment, but I think I'll have more thanks to my project.

Experience and contact info

I've got a lot of experience with discord, I create servers for 3/4 years and I still do it, I've always liked to help becoming part of the staff.