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Meta Is looking for a Discord Moderators job!

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  • Discord ID: 395540663564763136

How do i contact?

You must add Meta#7421 on discord and message them regarding their job listing.

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I can manage and build your server from the ground up. No matter how big and how small I'm here to help in any way shape or form.


Hi my name is Armin you can call me Meta, I have been building and Moderating servers for over 2 years now and at my highest point i was a mod on a 25K+ people. I am online all day and some parts of the night. I'm currently in Bosnia, Europe that's the CEST time zone. Why pick me? Well I have a lot of experience and knowledge on how discord servers work. With me your server is safe from any law bending trolls but I do have some BRAIN and won't just go banning everyone i see on the spot if they don't obey my every command. I WILL NOT DO THIS FOR FREE.

Employee skills

Talkative, supportive, can be there for any member, staff and/or even the owner if they are going through a taught time.

Past Employers

They were mostly servers of closed communities for games like HOI4, or WoW, but the biggest one was for a local youtuber. As i mentioned they had 25K+

Current Employers

Currently with nobody, I'm a free man. I took a break from servers the last month or two, so now I'm coming back with full capacity

Experience and contact info

You can contact me on discord right here: Meta#7421, Or my email: [email protected]. All of my Experience i have already stated