I Can Code A Bot For You!

Kevinlie Is looking for a job!

  • Kevinlie


  • Bot Developers
  • Discord ID: 699066416279584809

How do i contact?

You must add Kevinlie#7711 on discord and message them regarding their job listing.

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Hire Me To Code A Bot For You!!! 👉 Moderation Commands 👉 Fun Commands 👉 Tools Commands 👉 Economy System AND MORE COMMANDS!!!


Prices Depends On The Bot's Commands You Ordered Starting Price For A Bot $4 Every 5 Commands $2 Economy System $5 (Not Sure If Available) Any Other Custom Commands $1 Each If you order now, i will create another 2 free custom commands for you!

Employee skills

I can code a bot for you with many commands I've coded several functional bots

Past Employers

Some of my friends and some other discord users And my server's members

Current Employers

Currently helping my friends to code a bot Be Quick If you want me to code a bot for you!

Experience and contact info

Coded Several Bots (One of them are published at top.gg and discordbotlist) Contact Info : Discord Tag -> Kevinlie#7711