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  • Category: Other
  • Employee: KindKoby KindKoby#0001
  • Discord ID: 384227677852139532

How do i contact?

You must add KindKoby#0001 on discord and message them regarding their job listing.


Hi my name is koby, I am 29 with a lot of knowledge to help any way possible. I have made websites, built discords from the ground up, and if there is something i don't know I will research it.


I will give a detailed list of everything I can do soon I'm good with. - Roles - Emojis - Banners - Bots - Websites - Social media - Staff surveys - Minecraft servers ( plugins, and mods for bukkit and spigot - Customer service. - More to come! Updated Jan 10, 2021

Employee skills

Can work on pretty much anything digitally graphic design, photo shop, being active and more. Add or message me if needed KindKoby#0001

Past Employers

My personal server: I currently work on more than two, and others are no longer around or became inactive.

Current Employers

I help run several discord servers and own my own carpentry business.

Experience and contact info

- 15 years of carpentry - 10 years discord - 10 years with photoshop - 16 years customer service - Discord: KindKoby#0001 - Cell number on recruitment