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Sayem Is looking for a discord Administrators job!

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How do i contact?

You must add Sayem#0085 on discord and message them regarding their job listing.

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Hi, I am Sayem! And i'd like you to hire me as your server manager. I have alot of experience in more than managing a server, I can hopefully make your server how it should be!


HI welcome to my profile, I am sayem! If you are looking for a server manager, read future. I can make your server amazing, I can do more than just run giveaways and keep chat alive. Here are some experience I have and why they would help convince you to hire me: - I am Support of: Mr poll Bot (2600 servers) and used to be support of Plasma Giveaway and invite counter bot (before ban, had over 250k servers): These would help me convince you as you would expect you're server manager to be nice and respectful towards members, and you expect them to be helpful. - I am moderator of a spurs server (162 members) and ex-mod of Dream Network Official server (3k members): As a server manager, it is important for me to keep chat well moderated and keep the chat well kept. - I am ex server manager of Discord Server Group (now deleted) (600 members then): It is important for me to know how to run a server in the first place, I think it is safe to say I done a good job there. I have hired many staff, kept up with my quota, and used my budget wisely. Here are some requirements: - Atleast £10 a week budget: This money is not for me, it is an investment in the server, goes towards funding giveaways and events - The owner makes the purchases with the budget: This means that using the budget I am given, the owner buys the nitro/steam keys/reward rather than me. So hey! What's stopping you from hiring me?

Employee skills

I am good at hiring staff, I can get trustworthy staff! I am good at moderating chat, when im on, I can moderate the chat for a while.

Past Employers

Envious: Plasma Support SteveTheMonki: Mr Poll Aidan: Spurs server Nafay/Legend: DSG

Current Employers

Spurs server: https://discord.gg/FysppmqsKt Mr Poll: https://discord.gg/ZQd47zU3TX

Experience and contact info

I have experience as server manager, and moderator as stated in my description. If you would like to hire, add the account: Sayem#0085