RolePlay manger and Verification Manager

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  • Discord ID: 927924265792176129

How do i contact?

You must add Aswath’sViewController#1410 on discord and message them regarding their job listing.

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Hi people I am Aswath#7951. I am a experienced and professional RolePlay manager and verification staff. I do these services for free and as a hobby. You can an contact me at Aswath#7951


I am Aswath#7951 I am a professional and experienced RolePlay manger and a verification staff. What I do as a RolePlay manager is that, I check RolePlay members , stories, bio and etc. as a verification member, I check, members, age, location, bio and etc as per needs. I do these as a hobby. You ca believe me and contact me at Aswath#7951 in Discord DM

Employee skills

Professional Roleplay Manger Professional verification Staff I have very good team leading skills and I can also manage staff under me. Aswath#7951

Past Employers

Seaside ST Plays RolePlay Shore Dating 18+ Daddy Aswath’s View Fantasy Plays SFW I cannot List more because it will reach work limit

Current Employers

ST Plays Seaside Aswath’s Server SA Empire RolePlay Shore Tea Kada Bench Fantasy Plays SFW Play Your Charcters ETC

Experience and contact info

I have a good experience in all I listed above. DM me at Aswath#7951. Believe me. Your trust is my profit