Looking to get a job for Moderating a NFT Discord Server

FakeSaber Is looking for a discord Moderators job!

  • FakeSaber


  • Moderators
  • Discord ID: 695157700870537257

How do i contact?

You must add FakeSaber#0001 on discord and message them regarding their job listing.

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I am a young NFT enthusiast, I've been into crypto for I believe a year or two and NFTs for about 6-7 months and I am really used to answering questions about NFTs, Whitelist and Mint Details.


I am not too experienced but not new at all to discord. I have, in the past, managed servers with a few thousand people (Not NFT Dicords though) but I am quite experienced with NFTs I know a lot about them and have quite a bit of knowledge with ETH and the Blockchain and minting processes and is willing to learn or adapt to anything new or challenging.

Employee skills

I am hardworking I will stay active for about 8-12 hours a day (Asian Timezone) I believe that I can solve problems quite well

Past Employers

It was for a friends of mine I did it as a gift for him Aside from that no one

Current Employers

Not hired as of the moment by any server

Experience and contact info

I am really experience with Discord and have managed a server with a few thousand people but not an NFT discord [email protected]