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Join the server that is looking for partners and contact their staff, or the user that posted the partner listing.


• lgbtq+ friendly • SFW only • accepting of psychotics and systems • anti endo systems • blacklist and vent channels • no doubles list • takes emoji and list reqs


are you an irl and/or system who is in need of a safe space to be open about yourself? ♪ welcome to jazzy irlz— a safe space for irls!! ♪ we are a ~~relatively new~~ server for irls and da’s (though i do not like using the phrase “delusional attachment”. ♪ what we offer ♪ - we are system and irl friendly! - we offer self assigned roles! - we have tupper, pluralkit, sheep, carl, and more! - a no doubles list! - vent channels! - emojis >:)) - pink and jazzy theme !


- lgbtq accepting - do not support endo systems