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This server is a small growing community made to delight your desires some people may say focus on 1 thing not us! we want every community here to coexist for now there are seperate channels for everyone so they can grow


Server: https://discord.gg/DjtAYbZmmF Site: https://kpgray8002.wixsite.com/odf-headquarters https://bit.ly/3FRxhpo https://bit.ly/3p7hWdL welcome to ODF HeadQuarters a fun server full of AMAZING THINGS! we have tons of bots to play with such as dank memer and color roler🤖 advanced applications📜 piggy🐖 among us channels/modded amongus🔪 all types of communities🧑🏿‍🤝‍🧑🏻 book and movie chatting channels🍿 ticketing🎫 help sectionℹ️ reaction roles❗ art🎨 LGBTQ friendly🏳️‍🌈 AND SO MUCH MORE this server is currently pretty small so join the fight to make it 1 of the biggest servers! and did i forget to mention we have ai chat? Well we do! meet ODFlameBot he likes to chat with you and says random stuff extra: polls❗ spam🦜 events🎮 allies join to create☁️ lounge🏖️ airplane✈️ music🎧 Gaming Channels🕹️ theres so many things to do its not even funny some come join ODF HeadQuarters for a fun and wild ride of fun


click for the terms: https://bit.ly/3yq2VI8