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How to partner?

Join the server that is looking for partners and contact their staff, or the user that posted the partner listing.


Hello! I am an admin for the Open Borders server. We are looking for a partner server that shares our values and will help us grow. If you are interested please let us know.


COMMUNITY & HANGOUT (Public) // An Inclusive + Positive Discord Community. 🎊 - LGBTQ+, Friendly Space, Leftist. ⚒️ 🌎 Made after the fall of the original Open Borders, This remastered version has become a safe haven for those who want to meet cool people. People here want to get to know you so just pop in and say hi! We hang out almost every night and there is always someone active. This is not an NSFW server but it is 18+ only. Make sure to read the rules and to give yourself as many roles as you want. We feature roles, game bots, movie nights, and much more. Have fun! Everyone is Welcome! 👥 Open Borders Remastered // https://discord.gg/NxBvavBZBd https://tenor.com/view/socialism-communism-owen-jones-labour-free-ice-cream-gif-11912883


At least 50 members.