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Join the server that is looking for partners and contact their staff, or the user that posted the partner listing.

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Advertising Hub is a server with over 100+ Members in need of a partnership


__**Advertising Hub is looking for partners!**__ **We are an advertising server so partnering with us comes with benefits** 1. Advertising server have had the fastest growth I've seen with server (Other then yts servers) 2. You get special partner advertising. 3. It is a advertising server and partnering is kind of advertising. **Requirements** 1. Must be over 100 members 2. No nsfw server *UNLESS* over 1000 members. (Nsfw servers are allowed with over 100 and not 1000 if the purpose is not just nsfw so if you are just a nsfw server must have over 1k. 3. **We both need to put each others advertisement in the partner channel as well and invite** **That's it DM @Plotpilot2#2040 If you have questions or want to partner!!!**


1. over 100 members 2. if nsfw 100+ members