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We are a server dedicated to hosting shows. We make comics, dub them, then post then on youtube. If you have an idea come try and set it up in our server. We plan to have all the tools you need.


**Fearless Productions** • looking for people with free time to help; - Voice act - Script Write - Video and/or Audio production - Draw and/or Animate - Promotion team - Admins **FEARLESS PRODUCTION** is a small production studio used to produce youtube comics/animatics Our current script is **Disciples Academy** We script write using google docs as it’s easy access for everyone. *summary* **A vampire and his siblings travel to find there purpose in life, the vampire finds a prophecy teams up with the siblings and they free the vampire kingdom and re assume royalty** ** THIS IS OUR FIRST SCRIPT! SOME THINGS COULD DEF BE TWEAKED WHICH IS WHY WE NEED SCRIPT WRITERS!** ** we also will be making scripts for other stories using different characters or some of the same and alterations** *disclaimer this is a small group so there will be no payment atm, if we can gain views and make money we will be sure to pay out staff*


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