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Mainly about Roblox, we do MM2, Adopt Me, Robux and Nitro giveaways :) we also have many other special events, we're nice & fun and we make sure our server's environment is friendly.


There are many different ways I host my giveaways, examples are a mm2 tournament between 12 people and last one standing gets the price, few rounds of hide and seek extreme, few rounds of epic minigames, or I just use the giveaway bot to pick a random winner. I'm obviously looking for more ways to host, so if you have any suggestions you can always talk to me :) i also do big giveaways, when a specific amount of members have joined my server. Other than the giveaways there are sometimes also events such as gaming nights, concerts, movie nights, etc. We're all friendly, you can meet many new people and make new friends and if anything makes you uncomfortable you can always report that to me or the staff, and we will take over.



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