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WE DO NOT HAVE NUDES Multi-fandom and Roleplay Friendly


21+ Multi-fandom Hangout & Roleplay ID/AGE VERIFIED SERVER! IF YOU'RE NOT WILLING TO PROVIDE SOME KIND OF PROOF OF YOUR AGE, DON'T JOIN! This server is designed for adults (preferably over 21 years of age) to have fun and interesting discussions and/or roleplay without having to worry about minors. You must verify that you are at least 18 via ID. This is to ensure that nobody lies about their age. ✩ Chat about any TV shows, movies, books, anime, and music you can think of. Some popular ones include (& many more): ✧ TV/Books/Movies: Harry Potter, Supernatural, Lucifer, Once Upon a Time, Merlin, Reign, The Witcher, The Mandalorian, Star Wars, Marvel Universe, Parks & Recreation, Prodigal Son, Gossip Girl, Riverdale ✧ Musicals such as Hamilton, Phantom of the Opera ✧ Gaming such as Jackbox, Legend of Zelda, Pokémon ✧ Anime/Live-Actions such as Full Metal Alchemist, Death Note, Fruits Basket ✧ K-Dramas such as She Was Pretty, Bride of Habaek, Boys over Flowers ✧ KPOP such as BTS, BIGBANG, BLACKPINK ✩ Roleplaying can be one line or several paragraphs, structured or unstructured, silly, serious... up to you! Crossovers and AUs encouraged ♡ Server & owner is very friendly, open-minded, and chill! Server has leveling, fun bots, gaming/streaming, and a lot of flexibility and customizability! ♡ You will be warmly welcomed, friend! ♡



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