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Inspired by the chainsaw anime, this RP server came to life. The lore contains no spoilers to the anime and is all you need to RP. Worry not about watching the show to understand the premise of the server. The server only allows canon HQ characters.


Welcome to HQ! Chainsaw man AU.! Devils born from human fears started to take over the world and spread fear amongst humans. At the rapid rate these monsters were spreading, humanity had to stand up to defend their homes and dreams. For a world without fear, a group of brave Devil hunters started to form, ridding the world of those Devils. The Public Safety Devil Hunters form contract with Devils in order to gain the upper hand in fighting these abominations. Our server welcomes you to join us and be assigned into divisions to fight against Devils in an immersive and interactive plot! We offer a minor free space and lots of Haikyuu characters to pick from! We also offer: - LGBTQ+ Friendly - World-building focused RP server - Allow creative freedom



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