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Looking for a paid job as a Discord Moderator for a gaming community? If you are experienced as a Mod or even just spend countless hours on Discord and want to turn your passion into a paying job, then we are the right fit for you!


Do you LOVE spending countless hours on Discord? Turn your passion into income by applying to become a moderator in an NFT Drop/Launch server Moderators are the key to success of any good Discord server, they are responsible for: - Enforcing rules for the safety of the community - Answering questions in the general chat - Monitoring @admin and @everyone messages - Sending announcements at the appropriate time and day - Keeping chat going smoothly by creating conversations and maintaining a positive and friendly vibe If you love Discord and the being a Leader in amazing communities then submit your application here https://forms.gle/zRcSjkAYLzXGW3hQA



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