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Welcome to Potato Lounge! :gojo32: :heart_neon4: we are here to give you all a welcoming public server semi-nsfw 15+ above very friendly staffs super cool members always respect each other!


🥔 • Potato Lounge Server Rules •Be Respectful •Follow Real-World Laws This includes topics like hacking or doxing. •No Spamming •No Advertising / Self Promotion •Use Channels Properly •Ask Questions To The Staffs For Concerns •Posers Are Strictly Prohibited •14y/o Below Are Not allowed please keep in mind that the rules will change without further notice. failure to obey these rules, will result in warns, kick, or even ban. 5 warns = ban disrespectful/racist/homophobic = ban spamming/raid = ban self promotion 3x = kick 14 below = kick, ban if join again doxing = ban warnings for people who don't use the channels properly, also with light disobeyed actions.



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