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If you need people to play with or long term teams, you are in the right spot


We are a small community looking to grow and help people find long term teams for casual or higher level sessions. If you need people to play with or long term teams, you've come to the right place. This is a server that will help you find people for your favourite game to play with. With no limit to the games in the server you'll find a friend, I know you need them. You can help people with anything, and people can help you too. Apply to become a moderator or coordinator. Take part in custom games, tournaments and competitions. Show your favourite memes and jokes. Show off your skill in clips and highlights, take pride in showing off your set up, advertise your own servers, socials or anything else you want to grow. Make suggestions to help improve our wonderful community. You can make an lfg or enquire in someone's pre-existing one. If you need help on a mission or want to reach a goal here is the place



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