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The Isles is currently in a state of recovery after the events of the Day of Unity. The people are adjusting to living with wild magic, and the Boiling Isles will be adapting to life without Belos's rule. While the past could never be forgotten, the future is full of hope, as the people of the isles began to make their own choices and create their own destinies. ★ You are NOT required to roleplay after the events of Watching and Dreaming or the time skip, it is up t


╭┈ ⋆✩⋆ the future! ・currently all characters are available since this is a new server !! ・this is mainly a semi-lit/lit server ・we allow ocs! ・reaction roles are available ・this a roleplay server mainly set after the timeskip and the events of watching and dreaming, however, you can roleplay at any point of time in canon! ・sfw server ・contains bots for systems we hope you enjoy your stay! ╰—- ⋆✩⋆



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