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    SuperGamerPL Team

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How to get the job?

You must join the server by pressing the button "Join the server" above and contact the staff, or the user that made the staff listing.

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We are hiring Event Managers for our server! You can earn neat prizes for being a staff of the month! (For example Nitro!)


SuperGamerPL Team is hiring! - October 8th 2021 Requirements: 1. At least 1 hour of activity. 2. Friendly and Non-Toxic. 3. Must comply with Discord's ToS and our Server Rules. 4. High Creativity Prizes for Staff of the Month: 1. Nitro 2. PaySafeCard 3. Game/DLC on Steam The events you want to host can be anything like dank memer/other bot events or even a competition. Join the Discord server and DM the owner to apply for staff.