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A marvel/dc Roleplay server with a dedicated staff and owner!


Forces beyond human comprehension have broken open the Source Wall, causing the Marvel Universe to enter from the other side. Both collide, resulting in a brand new multiverse-- conjoined unhindered by boundaries. While Earthlings adjust to their new life, evil beings come to the surface; plotting to expand their grubby hands. This new world is yours to explore. What will you do? Become a villain and attempt to conquer it? Or take on the role of a hero and protect it? The choice is yours! What distinguishes us? -Claim the powers of your favorite characters from either universe! -Freedom is yours! The world revolves around you. Your actions IRP can change the course of the server forever. -A unique stat system balances out all oc's, preventing combat from becoming droll and a battle of who is more overpowered. -An interactive plot that makes sure everyone is engaged and has a part to play, no matter how big or small! -Most importantly, just have fun! This server allows you to engage in crazy roleplay with your friends and like-minded lovers of comics. What are you waiting for, true believers? Join now and get started!