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Hello Im Oskey YT , I need a new Event Manager on my discord server . Please look for more details at the Long Description Page


I NEED A NEW EVENT MANAGER . I need someone to come and help my discord server by making an event for like example gaming something like that so it can be entertaining to the people and then we will get more member's . Your role as a event manager is to manage the whole events if the Owner or the staff member will ask you to do a event but you won't have any power's on the discord server maybe to edit the channels delete the channels and by managing the events of course , mute and unmute that is it but you could account as a staff member . You have to be maximum 14+ to do this due to the safety and the quidance on the discord . If i find out it is a lie then i will ban you on a discord server If you are interested then please text me on the server or my username oskey06#7520 . Then i as a owner will think if you will be suitable for that role or not Thank You Oskey YT Owner of the oskar's server