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Lightning is the world's #1 custom Discord bot provider. We're looking for Moderators & Event Managers to look after our community server. Our platform serves 150,000 users and we're looking to extend that into our Discord server.


Lightning is the world's #1 custom Discord bot provider, we offer custom Discord bots for all communities, big and small. For those who aren't familiar in what we do, let us explain. If you own or manage a Discord server, wouldn't you agree it looks a bit messy have 10 different bots for all your tasks? Well with Lightning, you can combine all of those into one custom bot for your server. You'll get to choose the name, avatar, status and more. This bot will then be automatically packed with tons of features that will blow you away. You're able to customise your bot via a sleek and easy to use dashboard from your fingertips. Our custom bots have tons of mind-blowing features and 100s of commands. With over 150,000 global users across our platform, we're always looking for staff to help out, so come and join us today!