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Hello, so our server is mainly a community server where you can hang out with eachother and make new friends and in the meanwhile it became a support server for the bots i sell, make and host 24/7. We host frequent events/giveaways.


Hello there, Quint's Hangout is all about peace and entertainment, so we came up with the idea to create an Discord server which everyone is able to join and Hangout in. We got created on 12th of June 2020 and got called the Quint Squad and was only ment for Quint's Twitch channel but quickly growed to something bigger but off course there were downsides but we had also a lot of upsides. After a while we became an advertising server and for a few months we became a gaming server but now were back to a comunity server, we are calm, friendly, host frequent events, host giveaways etc so make sure to join to check out!