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How to partner?

Join the server that is looking for partners and contact their staff, or the user that posted the partner listing.


Queer Cheer is a SFW Lgbtq+ community server for ages 13-25! Partnership requirements: ╭ʚ Non-toxic server ₊˚୨ 75+ members ₊˚୨ No NSFW servers ╰ʚ No homophobia, racism, transphobia etc...


₊˚𓏹 🌈✦﹒Queer Cheer ៸៸ ♡Ꮺ˚₊ ᗢ・——・--・——・--・——・ᗢ ╭ʚ꒷❤️✧﹒LGBTQ+ serv / Ally serv ₊˚୨🧡๑﹕SFW, non-toxic ₊˚୨💛๑﹕inclusive gender/sexuality roles ₊˚୨💚๑﹕custom role 4 active members ₊˚୨💙๑﹕ages 13-25 only ╰ʚ꒷💜✧﹒looking for partners ! ᗢ・——・--・——・--・——・ᗢ


SFW, Non-toxic, 75+ members, inclusive