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JuJuBombas! Fall Guys Brasil background
JuJuBombas! Fall Guys Brasil users-three 324 30 8 Boosts 8 Boosts

Comunidade de Fall Guys que existe desde a criação do jogo (ago/2020). Temos jogadores novatos e veteranos de todas as idades e jogamos em call sempre que possível. Venha agregar!

Jin's Corner Store background
Jin's Corner Store users-three 1092 169 1 Boosts 1 Boosts

Just my personal server I made to help find art, make art, and make friends. Lots of other things to find here as well like music, anime, and games. And lots of buyable roles and colors to show off your personality and stand out from others. And many many emotes for you to add to your collection if you only join for the emotes.

Cotton Candy Cave background
Cotton Candy Cave users-three 25 12

A community server for gamers and content creators. The server is intended for English and German speaking users, but everyone is welcome! Mainly Dead by Daylight!

Social Outcast (18+ SFW) background
Social Outcast (18+ SFW) users-three 625 151 19 Boosts 19 Boosts

A new server for adults who wish to make friends in a difficult and confusing world. We accept anyone 18+ who needs a place to fit in. We have self roles, selfies, a nice diversity of channels, fun emojis and a sleek design. Join us today!

DNE Productions background
DNE Productions users-three 5615 543 21 Boosts 21 Boosts

✮~Welcome to DNE Productions~✮ We are a gaming and fandom based community server for everyone, no matter what your background is, we welcome you to our community! We tend to focus on the mutual love for the fictional worlds in shows, books and games. As well as aim to help others find people to play with or watch new shows with!

Stranded Light: Transformers Multiverse background
Stranded Light: Transformers Multiverse users-three 28 13 4 Boosts 4 Boosts

An LGBTQIA+ Transformers RP server where the Lost Light explores the multiverse! Canon & AU worlds. OCS & Canons allowed

Aoyama University (18+) background
Aoyama University (18+) users-three 144 47 14 Boosts 14 Boosts

Aoyama University is a slice-of-life roleplaying community about relationships between women and the secrets they keep. Themes: school, romance, yuri/lesbian, wlw, slice-of-life, drama

World Pinku.🌸៹˖ background
World Pinku.🌸៹˖ users-three 3497 172

Veja conversa conosco aqui no World Pinku ^^ Teremos chats para que possam conversar e fazer amizades, socializar! Staff ativa que busca interagir com o pessoal, disposta a lhes ajudar! Emojis divertidos que você pode utilizar nos chats! Canais para você formar time para sua ranqueada!

Splatsville Plaza background
Splatsville Plaza users-three 68 27 2 Boosts 2 Boosts

Here at Splatsville Plaza, we're a growing community server based on Splatoon 3!

MindScape 🎄|Social & Gaming LFG background
MindScape 🎄|Social & Gaming LFG users-three 169 81 6 Boosts 6 Boosts

About Us We are a community with a aesthetic theme, we talk about anything & everything in this server. Come and find the best people to befriend! Everyone is welcome come join and say hi! The happiness and well being of all our members is our first priority! where you can talk share ideas and express yourself with out judgement! Make sure to check out all channels and follow the rules! We want to grow a fun and active environment where everyone can make new friend’s.

Sage background
Sage users-three 125 33

A 13+ voluntary non-professional hangout server based around mental health and mental illness with the purpose to make it easier to connect with new people and friends.

Abyssal Cult background
Abyssal Cult users-three 1991 129

Welcome to Abyssal cult 𖥟Non toxic 𖥟13+ 𖥟large community 𖥟LGBTQ+ friendly 𖥟follow rules 𖥟if you don't like demons don't join 𖥟emotes Made by Darkabyss 26

Haii, come join us! We are a laid back server just here to conversate enjoy company and have fun with, server games, events, many channels, and fun people! Don’t miss out on a new home :))!

Fluffy Abyss [Furry] background
Fluffy Abyss [Furry] users-three 34253 10434 167 Boosts 167 Boosts

Hello new friend! You made it to the Fluffy Abyss. Explore this friendly community and join the adventure through the abyss! ❤️Chill drama-free 100% SFW only server 🧡500 cute/furry theme emojis 💛Server lore that you can uncover by leveling up 💚Art section to showcase your lovely art & advertise 💙Anti-raider system to ensure server safety 💜A Unique Experience 🤎Lots of giveaways 🖤Ton of customizable roles 🤍Organized Channels Come explore the secret

Synns Outpost background
Synns Outpost users-three 26 20 2 Boosts 2 Boosts

Hello and welcome to Synn's outpost! we are a small group of friends who decided to open up to the public in an attempt to create a more relaxed and fun community where almost everyone is welcome (you know who you are). we dont offer much besides laughs and bad jokes atm but we hope to build a diverse community of people!

✳Al's Spot✳ background
✳Al's Spot✳ users-three 60 28 10 Boosts 10 Boosts

---𝔸𝕝❜𝕤 𝕊𝕡𝕠𝕥--- If you are looking for a new community to help build and call home, then feel free to give us a join! 16+

★彡 ⓒⓐⓣ ⓓⓔⓝ 彡★ {16+} background
★彡 ⓒⓐⓣ ⓓⓔⓝ 彡★ {16+} users-three 106 32

Welcome to the Cat Den! Just a chill server to make new friends and chat. {16+}

Kirby's Bookclub background
Kirby's Bookclub users-three 38 13

brand new reading server hoping to do botm/many buddy reads very soon !! november will be our second botm ! we are reading circe by madeline miller !

The Cotton Candy Café background
The Cotton Candy Café users-three 309 94 14 Boosts 14 Boosts

🌈Welcome to the Cotton Candy Café, an 18+, LGBTQ+ friendly, safe space with focus on mental health! 🌈

Blanket Town background
Blanket Town users-three 222 58 7 Boosts 7 Boosts

╭◜◝ ͡ ◜◝ ╮ ˚🐇⊹ Blanket Town ( •ω• ) ╴╴╴✃ ₊⊹ Join us! ╰◟◞ ͜͜ ◟͜◞╯╴╴⊹˚╴╴˚ೃ ╴╴˚🥛₊ ╴╴╮ ┊˚ੈ🎀ꮺ We offer ❏˚⊹ 🌸⌗﹕ an active,

CBT Pictures background
CBT Pictures users-three 239 81 7 Boosts 7 Boosts

RSVP IN ANNOUNCMENTS OR EVENTS! CHECK EVENTS TAB FOR MOVIE TIMES AND LISTINGS! SUGGEST MOVIES TO US IN THE MOVIE SUGGESTION CHAT! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ SAY HI WHEN YOU JOIN!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ We are a server dedicated to relaxing and having a good time while also sharing a love of games, movies and all around togetherness. join today and find yourself a friend for life or simply join and watch when we have a movie night. SHOWING HOLIDAY CLASSICS DURING ANY HOLIDAY MONTH!

Capyhub background
Capyhub users-three 11734 3203 26 Boosts 26 Boosts

The capybara is a giant rodent native to South America, and Capyhub is the official community for capybaras on the internet!

🌲 Lush Forest | 18+ SFW background
🌲 Lush Forest | 18+ SFW users-three 392 98 5 Boosts 5 Boosts

A friendly clique-free hangout server for adults to chit-chat, make friends, talk games, post memes & more! We have instant selfie access, many self-roles options, lots of emotes & activities and best of all, we're new! Come join in and make yourself at home!

Geekery for Geeks background
Geekery for Geeks users-three 391 94 17 Boosts 17 Boosts

Join a growing, 21+ SFW, inclusive and active environment to geek out together! Looking for a gaming groups? Just wanna chat? Place to talk anime, art, music and DnD?! LVL3 Boosted server, regular engagement, dedicated servers, Ranks, premium perks, LGBTQIA+ friendly, events, giveaways and more! Grow with us!

Gamer Connections background
Gamer Connections users-three 1499 393 15 Boosts 15 Boosts

Hi friend! This is a relatively new server ✨ created to provide LGBT gamers and our allies with a cozy space to be ourselves 💻 🎮 🪀 Whether you want to make friends and chill 🥳, or team up and play. 🤝 International. 🌎 Community-driven. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Very open to suggestions. 💌 Let's do the thing!

ぁgalaxy of lolis background
ぁgalaxy of lolis users-three 1500 51

Opa, seja bem vindo ao Galaxy of Lolis! servidor focado em amizades e animes! e quem sabe você também encontre o amor verdadeiro aqui? Cansou de entrar em vários servidores e ninguém te responder? o glxy não tem dessas frescuras! assim que entrar, a equipe de recepção será notificada e sempre que possível, irá trocar ideia com vc

Femboy Hell background
Femboy Hell users-three 275 72 6 Boosts 6 Boosts

We are a 17+ femboy server. We have Age Verification for 18+ members requiring ID for NSFW channels. We are a consistently lvl2 server, looking to grow. We are also semi-active! We are looking for other LGBTQIA servers to partner with that house 17+ year olds. Please reach out if interested

𝙥𝙪𝙧𝙥𝙡𝙚 𝙜𝙖𝙡𝙖𝙭𝙮 background
𝙥𝙪𝙧𝙥𝙡𝙚 𝙜𝙖𝙡𝙖𝙭𝙮 users-three 26 16

Welcome to Purple Galaxy!! An aesthetic server wither cool people!!

𓆩܀☽Elysia☾܀𓆪 background
𓆩܀☽Elysia☾܀𓆪 users-three 299 90 9 Boosts 9 Boosts

┏﹊﹊﹊﹊﹊﹊ꨄ༼𓆩܀☽Elysia☾܀𓆪༽ꨄ﹊﹊﹊﹊﹊﹊┓ ﹏﹏﹏﹏﹏﹏﹏ 〖vibe&chill〗 ﹏﹏﹏﹏﹏﹏﹏ ˙∘˚ꨄ⧼care, fun, memes, gaming, advice & more⧽ꨄ˚∘˙ ˙∘˚ꨄ⧼wholesome, cringe, semi-toxic & funny⧽ꨄ˚∘˙ ༻「Welcoming, diverse & active community」༺ ༻「New connections with chill people🤍」༺ 「A safe space for everyone」 ༻✨Women✨༺ ┗﹎﹎﹎﹎﹎『Come hang out ;)』﹎﹎﹎﹎﹎┛

☆『The community』♡ background
☆『The community』♡ users-three 22 17

Welcome to Gamers!! A fun and welcoming server for all!!