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Non-toxic Servers (SFW only)

How to partner?

Join the server that is looking for partners and contact their staff, or the user that posted the partner listing.

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A community of people who study and grow together. Motivate each other to work hard and achieve our dreams. Study/work together and be accountable during study sessions. Have fun and play games with others during breaks.


A server made for students by students! We have various features to offer: 1. Study, complete tasks, earn coins, and climb ranks. 2. Post your goals (session, daily, weekly) and completed tasks to be more accountable. 3. Track your study time and have a healthy competition with the members! 4. Set timers, stopwatches, and reminders for important tasks. 5. Share forest codes, hours, and focus to do links. 6. Make your custom private channel or study in the library with background music! 7. We host events and study challenges to make studying a fun process for all! 8. Play games and chat with other members during breaks! 9. We have various clubs for different interests! Study well and be productive for, in our server, every day is studay!


10+ members; no ping4ping, rep4rep or join4join.