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▇ Welcome to THE VOID! ▇ - We are LGBTQ+, Therian, System, Otherkin, and Neurodivergent Friendly! - All races, sexualities, genders, religions, and people are allowed here!! - Fun place to make new friends! - Tone tags welcomed and are encouraged!


▇ Welcome to THE VOID! ▇ It seems you've glitched through the fabric of reality. . . Into a place. . . A VOID. Welcome to THE VOID, the edge of existence where discrimination is lost and friends are found. This server is a fun and accepting place! No matter your interest - as long as it doesn't hurt anyone, welcome! This server is focused on: 『 Friends 『 Furries 『 Therians 『 Otherkin 『 DID/OSDD Systems 『 Neurodivergent Folk This server also has: 『 Roleplay forums 『 Hobby roles 『 Cute Emojis 『 Daily Questions 『 Game Bots 『 Much more!! + Please, make yourself welcome!



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