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RIOT SOCIETY ๐Ÿ’€ background
RIOT SOCIETY ๐Ÿ’€ users-three 884 279 14 Boosts 14 Boosts

JOIN THE RIOT SOCIETY! ๐Ÿ’€ https://discord.com/invite/ajycFyC

Brony background
Brony users-three 3777 667 15 Boosts 15 Boosts

A server for all things Brony and enjoy socializing, playing games, or are just seeking others who share a common interest.

The Furry Camp background
The Furry Camp users-three 93 41 2 Boosts 2 Boosts

Chill furry server for everyone. Talk about gaming or hobbies and make new friends :)

Galactic Moth Studios background
Galactic Moth Studios users-three 328 84 2 Boosts 2 Boosts

We are a community of many interests and backgrounds, we are LGBTQ+ friendly and operating since 2018, we accept all :)

DNE Productions background
DNE Productions users-three 5619 799 21 Boosts 21 Boosts

โœฎ~Welcome to DNE Productions~โœฎ We are a gaming and fandom based community server for everyone, no matter what your background is, we welcome you to our community! We tend to focus on the mutual love for the fictional worlds in shows, books and games. As well as aim to help others find people to play with or watch new shows with!

Danger Den background
Danger Den users-three 2497 674 64 Boosts 64 Boosts

We are a furry server run by furries but, not just for furries. We welcome all individuals who are looking for a place to hang out, meet new people & make friends, watch movies, and more!

The FurPark background
The FurPark users-three 33 14

Hello and welcome to FurPark, a server for everyone 16+ fur or not

Fluffy Abyss [Furry] background
Fluffy Abyss [Furry] users-three 34253 10434 167 Boosts 167 Boosts

Hello new friend! You made it to the Fluffy Abyss. Explore this friendly community and join the adventure through the abyss! โค๏ธChill drama-free 100% SFW only server ๐Ÿงก500 cute/furry theme emojis ๐Ÿ’›Server lore that you can uncover by leveling up ๐Ÿ’šArt section to showcase your lovely art & advertise ๐Ÿ’™Anti-raider system to ensure server safety ๐Ÿ’œA Unique Experience ๐ŸคŽLots of giveaways ๐Ÿ–คTon of customizable roles ๐ŸคOrganized Channels Come explore the secret

Synns Outpost background
Synns Outpost users-three 26 20 2 Boosts 2 Boosts

Hello and welcome to Synn's outpost! we are a small group of friends who decided to open up to the public in an attempt to create a more relaxed and fun community where almost everyone is welcome (you know who you are). we dont offer much besides laughs and bad jokes atm but we hope to build a diverse community of people!

Furry Feet background
Furry Feet users-three 3924 572 18 Boosts 18 Boosts

Server dedicated to toe beans! This is the original, oldest, and largest community. Join us and enjoy your time! Nintendo challenges, server boosted, and tons of stickers/emojis!

Space Toaster Bois background
Space Toaster Bois users-three 76 30

Hello and welcome to the Space Toaster Bois! A SFW Furry Protogen Discord Server! Our Server includes, - Reaction Roles - General Discussion - Gaming category and VC's - Game Engine Category (Source, Unity, Unreal, etc.) - Code Category (Java, Lua, Python, etc.) - RP channels and VC's - Spam and Counting channels - Suggestions Category - Events - Game nights (Fri-Sat 7pm uk time) [Currently not avalible sorry...] - And more!

The Femboy Kingdom 2 background
The Femboy Kingdom 2 users-three 265 64 2 Boosts 2 Boosts

A sfw server for Femboys, furries and people in the LGBTQ

Nintendo Switch - Furry/Pokemon Gaming! background
Nintendo Switch - Furry/Pokemon Gaming! users-three 4117 401

Into Pokemon Scarlet/Violet? Are you a Furry/Pokefur? Wanna challenge me in Smash Bros.? Want a stream savvy owner that is active? You've found the right place then! Join today!

The Soft Space๐ŸŒŒ[FURRY] background
The Soft Space๐ŸŒŒ[FURRY] users-three 142 50 2 Boosts 2 Boosts

We are a chill furry server where the main focus is on socializing! We are a community where we Make friends through chatting in the chats or even the vc's! We offer a safe space for Furries and LGBTQ+ members! So join today and find a new home! โค

R0XY's SCRAPYARD; background
R0XY's SCRAPYARD; users-three 467 133 27 Boosts 27 Boosts

Scrap your other servers, bring the boys to the yard!

Furry Hell background
Furry Hell users-three 34 19 9 Boosts 9 Boosts

Welcome here to furry abyss! We are a close-knit wounded community that has been on hiatus for a time, but we are back in business, and it is wonderful to have a fresh soul onto our community! Hopefully, you'll be be able to stay here and unwind.

Tea Kingdom background
Tea Kingdom users-three 380 108 1 Boosts 1 Boosts

ะ˜ั‰ะตะผ ะฝะพะฒั‹ั… ะดั€ัƒะทะตะน ะดะปั ะปะฐะผะฟะพะฒะพะณะพ ะพะฑั‰ะตะฝะธั ะธ ะฟั€ะพัั‚ะพ ัะพะฒะผะตัั‚ะฝั‹ั… ะธะณั€.. ะฐ ะตั‰ั‘ ัƒ ะฝะฐั ะตัั‚ัŒ ะผะธะปั‹ะต ะฟั‘ัะธะบะธ!

The Fur Den background
The Fur Den users-three 24 16

It is fun and good mods furry out but not just for furrys

The Furry Neighborhood background
The Furry Neighborhood users-three 72 39 2 Boosts 2 Boosts

Welcome to The Furry Neighborhood! With active moderation, a small community feel, and an LGBTQ friendly space, you're sure to feel welcome and have fun chatting with others!

Vrchat banned users background
Vrchat banned users users-three 69 56

Explore the world of furry and more! with me on vrchat

The Furry Cosmos background
The Furry Cosmos users-three 145 68 14 Boosts 14 Boosts

Welcome to The Furry Cosmos this is a funny server that just likes to play games, make new friends, listen to music and have fun we have kind staff and offer things like Dating and fun, we can't wait to meet you so what are you waiting for jump in !!

Straight Furries background
Straight Furries users-three 107 59

Server for straight furries! We are a friendly stronghold of heterosexual (or in short, straight) furries. Straight Sonic fans are also welcome!

Dragon Bay background
Dragon Bay users-three 10 9

Obsidian Scales is a server for therians, furries, scalies and anything along those lines. It's 16+ based, means that we're a quite mature server with a twisted sense of humor. We share arts, games, memes and enjoy the simple time together. Please don't join if you're seeking for the typical furry stuff as we're not serving the 50 channels or NSFW stuff. We're (losely) SFW.

Augie's playpen background
Augie's playpen users-three 11 9

Hello! Looking for a furry server that accepts anyone? Well, look no further! Welcome to Augie's playpen! We have bots, roleplay channels, and furry channels, we also have game nights, event

The Shadow background
The Shadow users-three 133 41 2 Boosts 2 Boosts

SFW Furry sever with barely any rules, also packed with Protogens! But love all species movie nights. No verification to enter the server! SFW role-play self advertisement Venting memes gaming channels.

It's about Sparkie created by owner. This is a place for people to chat about anything. It is a wonderful place to make new friends and meet new people. If you have suggestions or if you need a problem fixed, Please feel free to contact

Discordian Grenadiers background
Discordian Grenadiers users-three 19 3

funny server i created, not sure what to do with it

Dragon Forest background
Dragon Forest users-three 84 48 14 Boosts 14 Boosts

Looking for a server centred around Furries/Scalies though also catered to others? Looking for a server which is for Adults and is safe for work? Look no further than the Dragon Forest!

Fluffball Factory background
Fluffball Factory users-three 197 53 1 Boosts 1 Boosts

Heyayaya this server is a great space to chill and talk with other people who may have the same interests that you have. This is a really good server to meet nice people. You must be 13+ to join. We have channels for venting and from what I've witnessed it's helped a lot of people including me. We also have channels for meeting new people to maybe get to know eachother a little better if ya know what I mean heh. So yeah! You won't be disappointed after joining.