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we are a sex positive, open minded NSFW discord server for everyone, no matter what group you fall into! the goal of the server is to exchange thoughts and experiences to open peoples minds about sex and minimize stigmas. 


age verification prior to accessing 90% of the server ♡ LGBTQIA+ friendly environment - areas to interact with only people who identify similarly to you ♡ sex worker friendly! a category dedicated to sex workers and buying/selling their selling content ♡ themed days, questions of the day and a 30-second flash room ♡ categories for sexual health, mental health and more ♡ kinky & vanilla friendly! we take kink-friendly to the next level. roles to show off your kinks, but also private, role specific rooms to discuss kinks that may make more vanilla folk uncomfy. ♡ now introducing After Dark Talx - an hour long session where we discuss sexual health, stigmas, consent, “taboo” sexual topics, and more! ♡ an active gaming community ♡ 100% safe, judgement free, non-toxic community ♡ tons of discord bot games to keep yourself entertained for hours ♡ more added every day! we are adamant about adapting and adjusting to appease the community that we want to create



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