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⭐ Problematic ⭐ background
⭐ Problematic ⭐ users-three 157 50 7 7

We are an 18+ server of people who are anti harassment over fictional content and very LGBTQ friendly. We have a small but active community of writers, artists, role players, and fandom loving people!

Chaotica background
Chaotica users-three 38 22 6 6

An interactive writing server set to offer adult(18+) writers a setting with like minded individuals. Themes include Modern Fantasy, Gore, Divided Worlds, etc. We really are set for a lot of creativity.

.༻ 𝐟𝐥𝐨𝐮𝐫𝐢𝐬𝐡 ༺. background
.༻ 𝐟𝐥𝐨𝐮𝐫𝐢𝐬𝐡 ༺. users-three 191 49 14 14

( •̀ ω •́ )✧ a silly server full of goofballs creating what they love ! creative server for all art mediums 🌱 {18+ and mostly sfw} ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_(more info in long description) 🎕

Fumicity background
Fumicity users-three 288 40 1 1

Are you lonely? looking for some fun? Then you've come to the right place! Join this server to meet new people, chat, & play games!

Melancholy background
Melancholy users-three 94 43

We have active vcs and active gamers who need to sleep more lol. We play Roblox, Minecraft, Valorant, CSGO, and many more games! Always looking to make new friends

☽ ᴢᴏʀᴀ'ꜱ ᴅᴏᴍᴀɪɴ ☾ background
☽ ᴢᴏʀᴀ'ꜱ ᴅᴏᴍᴀɪɴ ☾ users-three 63 30 2 2

An 18+ only LoZ Themed server. Even if you don't play, we're just a small chill community. Come chat and make friends, anyone is welcome!

Straight444way background
Straight444way users-three 335 114

Welcome to My Straight community only straight, Heterosexual, Hetero, or Normal people can Talk interesting facts, and hangouts with the community I support who created me, Let's have a great day communication.

>>After Hours Virtual Club >>VRChat focused >>meet new friends >>furries welcome

Let's Get Drunk background
Let's Get Drunk users-three 170 45

We're a small community focused on having fun, drinking, playing games and watching movies

18+ Safehouse Network background
18+ Safehouse Network users-three 28 13

**Safehouse Network: Where Adult Gamers Thrive!** Exclusively 18+ Mature & Respectful Diverse Gaming Exciting Events Partnerships

⦮  ⦯ | 18+ background
⦮  ⦯ | 18+ users-three 59 24 1 1

18+ only Server Active Voice Calls ( with a text-to-speech bot) Friendly & unbias staff Fun game bots Occasional Events and Tournaments Game, Movie & more Nights LGBTQ+ Friendly Environment Locked Nsfw section for the freaks

Social Haven 18+ {Revamp} background
Social Haven 18+ {Revamp} users-three 325 31

Adults-only haven for fun, friends & mature conversations. Join us for a vibrant community. 🌟 18+ only.

Project EZLIFE background
Project EZLIFE users-three 80 26 5 5

Why Choose Project EZLife? Elevate Your Roleplay Experience: Our server is tailor-made for genuine roleplayers, whether you're a seasoned veteran or new to the scene. Our user-friendly setup ensures you can jump right in and start creating memorable

baddie's only (18+) background
baddie's only (18+) users-three 26 17 1 1

come join our server! 18+ ONLY a place to hang out and make friends find friends to play games with a sfw server don’t be lame, come and join

mold background
mold users-three 469 60 15 15

18+ ⋆ semi-toxic ⋆ social ⋆sfw!! ⋆new and active ⋆games⋆music⋆fashion ⋆. join if ur hot .⋆

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