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This is a server created to help students with the course work. It has qualified and professional tutors that help with the coursework at a very affordable price. We have a lot of reviews and vouches so why don't you try us and see for yourself


1. We are offering a ticketing system on the server to avoid scammers. All work must be done within the ticket system. We will not be responsible for any type of incidents outside the server. 2. This is a PAID SERVER. WE WILL NOT DO YOUR WORK FOR FREE 3. We will suggest experts based on their past work but if you want to work with applicants we can also add them in your ticket. 4. For exams and tests, a student will be required to pay 50% upfront and the other 50% in the middle of the exam or full amount before the exam. For assignment a student is required to pay 50% of the amount before work and the rest after the work is done. 5. Incase of a refund, the student will be entitled to an amount discussed and agreed upon by both parties. No 100% refunds. 6. Try to get your ticket done 10-12hrs before the deadline so that we can find an expert for you. 7. Promotional content, including advertisements, is not allowed anywhere. Do not advertise your homework-related company, website, or homework service anywhere. Promotional content is treated as spam and users caught doing so are banned from participating indefinitely. 8.Please DO NOT DM students.This will result to a permanent ban Note: If you see someone breaking a rule, report them and the staff team will take care of it as soon as possible. This goes for scamming and DM promotions as well.



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