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X6 Group Live background
X6 Group Live users-three 2325 106 15 15

X6 is a team, dedicated group of traders with a track record unmatched delivering you the best information to make you money in the market.

Together Java background
Together Java users-three 24598 2800 14 14

Need Java help? We got plenty! Lots of friendly volunteers to help you learn Java or chat about everyday things.

Bear's Forever background
Bear's Forever users-three 52 19 2 2

Welcome To this beautiful place! This server is a comfortable place for all members who

Space Toaster Bois background
Space Toaster Bois users-three 79 31 6 6

Hello and welcome to the Space Toaster Bois! A SFW Furry Protogen Discord Server! Our Server includes, - Reaction Roles - General Discussion - Gaming category and VC's - Game Engine Category (Source, Unity, Unreal, etc.) - Code Category (Java, Lua, Python, etc.) - RP channels and VC's - Spam and Counting channels - Suggestions Category - Events - Game nights (Fri-Sat 7pm uk time) [Currently not avalible sorry...] - And more!

Devs Home background
Devs Home users-three 219 27

Devs Home Home for all Developers all language and all fields

FalconHacking background
FalconHacking users-three 11 4

A simple ethical hacking server, we will teach new users how to hack ethically of course! we also have our own deep web site dedicated in teaching (All legal ofc) https://discord.gg/JbNMbfB4gu https://discord.gg/JbNMbfB4gu https://discord.gg/JbNMbfB4gu https://discord.gg/JbNMbfB4gu https://discord.gg/JbNMbfB4gu https://discord.gg/JbNMbfB4gu https://discord.gg/JbNMbfB4gu https://discord.gg/JbNMbfB4gu

Balkan Programming background
Balkan Programming users-three 314 44

Balkan programming server for local community's! We love programming and coding. We offer help and making connection with people working in IT. Join and check out what we have to offer.

Curiosity background
Curiosity users-three 942 84

Are you curious? We all are... And we should be, because it's a natural human trait to be curious We are a server that has channels for different subjects that you'll require Join us if you have a doubt or query or a subject and our members will solve it, Just post the question and relax Or just join us for funnn, you'll meet many awesome people that will give you great company

Koders | Code & Tech background
Koders | Code & Tech users-three 590 59

Koders is a friendly community for all coders, tech lovers, designers, and everyone else! One of the most diverse role selections for your programming languages, work types, hobbies, and much more.

DGB background
DGB users-three 36 20 2 2


Wild Devs background
Wild Devs users-three 107 23 2 2

GERMAN AND ENGLISH COMMUNITY! Discuss about programming techniques, languages and philosophy when developing software. Share your minds & code and show us your projects!

CyberTech Talks background
CyberTech Talks users-three 409 62 7 7

CyberTech Talk server is all about technology and chatting about it! Come join us and make some friends.

DedSec Legacy Indonesia background
DedSec Legacy Indonesia users-three 6625 305 7 7

Welcome to Dedsec Legacy, I hope you enjoy in server! , Discord Server Partner of Community and anything if you want, we have here, Have fun!

Ruankei Community background
Ruankei Community users-three 5 4

Hello this server is community! I always welcome you come here ! 😊 we also play game and programming!! 😍

Vixinity background
Vixinity users-three 13 7 2 2

Chill Community | Anime | Valorant and other games | Open for partnerships | New Server

Vancouver Game Development background
Vancouver Game Development users-three 772 243 21 21

If you’re a game developer, aspiring or professional, then here’s a safe space waiting for you! Connect with hundreds of other game devs who share the same burning passion for game development and design. Meet the geniuses behind the most creative, immersive worlds that will keep you hooked from the start and playing for hours. Who knows, you might even learn a thing or two that will take your game to the next level. (No more bugs and spaghetti codes!)

Yachay AI background
Yachay AI users-three 16 2

Welcome to Yachay open-source community! With our models, you can get accurate text-to-geolocation models 🌎

Scripted Studios background
Scripted Studios users-three 31 14 3 3

Do you want to learn to code? Do you want to hire a developer? Do you want help with your programming project? Well look no further, Scripted Studios is welcoming to all programming + educational servers which provides everything you need for your project. So feel free to join today. ════════════════════ ★

Coding-Community background
Coding-Community users-three 4126 567 4 4

Join our Discord & Learn Python together! Read Below!

Altar background
Altar users-three 27 17

Altar is a place to socialize from all over the world, chill, hang out, talk about everything, vote polls, enjoy events, play games, win giveaways, make new friends, advertise and more!

Byte Labs background
Byte Labs users-three 36 9

Byte Labs develops professional software solutions for projects of all sizes, scripts to full-stack application development and anything in-between, we can help.

Tech & Fandom Lab v2 background
Tech & Fandom Lab v2 users-three 190 103

A technology community server with a variety of fandoms and topics. You can discuss technology, development, bots, gaming, memes, anime, and more! Selfroles, starboard, activity roles, polls, and events are available!

Dose of Data background
Dose of Data users-three 371 71 1 1

We are a community of people learning 🐍 Python, 🔬 data science, 📊 statistics, 🧮 linear algebra, and 🤖 machine learning. We regularly host broadcasts and provide resources for people looking to level up their knowledge. The topics we discuss range from the very basics, such as installing Anaconda, setting up your development environment, and navigating git, to more advanced programming concepts, like how to build and run neural networks in Keras.

App Review Exchange for Developers background
App Review Exchange for Developers users-three 3 2

Get unlimited free app reviews for your app! Exchange app reviews for Android and Apple. Give one review, get one review!

Dialect background
Dialect users-three 263 42 2 2

If you're stuck on a bug, we provide you with access to experienced developers who'll join you in a video call to help you solve any JavaScript or React problem you have! For more information, check out our website: https://dialect.so

Sprint Community background
Sprint Community users-three 28 3

Sprint Community! A growing community for Sprint language.

HJ Coding background
HJ Coding users-three 22 13 2 2

HJ Coding is a coding/design-focused community where people share ideas and information and provide help if necessary.

FUN4FUN background
FUN4FUN users-three 780 93

Hey tu! Cauți un server de discord pe care să îți petreci timpul? O nouă aventură unde sa îți faci prieteni noi și să vorbești oricând despre orice ? Te așteptăm pe Fun4Fun

RootKit - Dev Community background
RootKit - Dev Community users-three 2581 566 16 16

BECOME a certified dev without College. Nonprofit dev community full of INDUSTRY EXPERTS. Join and learn things like programing (ANY LANGUAGE), reverse engineering, hacking, machine learning, quantum computing, etc. https://github.com/RootKit-Org https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGXbVXFcwCpssleODF7iMFQ https://rootkit.org/

Text and Art Games background
Text and Art Games users-three 11 0

A small indie-developer from Germany, releasing its first game to Steam soon.