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Are you searching for some new puzzles? Did you try out decrypting messages? Come over here!


When I created this server I’ve been thinking about the homeschooling period… the days when time was relative… when I was chatting with my school mates I used to play a simple but challenging game: One of us had to post an encrypted text and our goal was to decrypt it. And that’s basically it. You can play this game back and forth until you loose your creativity. To not be misunderstood here, this server is not about modern encryptions like salted hash et cetera. We are **not** aiming for hardly crackable encryptions! It’s about creating and solving puzzles! As rule of thumb I can give: Whatever your encryption method is, it’s at least you, who has to be able to decrypt it! If you wouldn’t be able to solve your own puzzle even if the encryption method came into your mind, how on earth can someone else solve it then? Nevertheless computers and modern technology are always welcomed here – as well as things that only work if applied in real life. So don’t hesitate if coding is essential or inevitable in order to solve your puzzle. And if it’s something you created on a pice of paper that can only get visible if you know the chemistry, feel free! You can request us to carry any background knowledge you have – anything you love – but one catch: After a critical time our community may or may not solves your puzzle and it’s time to uncover the way of solution! Whoever posts a puzzle is obliged to briefly introduce us the concept that leads to the final result starting from the very beginning. And never hesitate to dive us deeper and deeper into that matter. Being taught new concepts and ideas by you is in fact the key contribution this server is made for!



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