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ACE / Space / Weather background
ACE / Space / Weather users-three 239 110 2 2

AstroZone Space is a community for space lovers. We have 60+ members and counting with a tons of server boosts as well! We have guess the rocket, guess the plane, and other fun events along with space chats with others!

Japanese Academy background
Japanese Academy users-three 35479 6382 36 36

A Japanese learning server with lots of beginner friendly lessons, live classes, and events like Karaoke and Movie nights. JP Academy is an active community where you have access to a multitude of resources, and can learn alongside others studying Japanese.

International English Lounge background
International English Lounge users-three 80 12

A Discord server for both native and nonnative individuals to learn and/or communicate with the English language.

Imagination Station background
Imagination Station users-three 250 70 7 7

***Embrace a Wonderful Social, Streaming, & Gaming Community Filled With Potential Friends!***

Mythology Ignited background
Mythology Ignited users-three 758 140 8 8

Mythology Ignited is a server dedicated to the discussion of mythology, whether you're a complete beginner, a folklore guru, or somewhere in between!

Войводството ıYı background
Войводството ıYı users-three 27 11

Language server about learning and practicing Bulgarian and other Slavic languages.


Discover the ultimate solution to your academic challenges! 🚀 Our stellar team of top-notch tutors is here to guide you through crafting exceptional essays and research papers across a multitude of subjects. 🌐💡

Academia Tutors background
Academia Tutors users-three 47 13

📚 Explore our Discord hub for all your learning needs, from High School to Postgraduate levels. Our diverse tutor team offers 24/7 academic support, spanning subjects, research, problem-solving, resources, and global connections. Join us today! 🚀

Social ideas background
Social ideas users-three 74 21

Social ideas is a community for individuals that like to share ideas and thoughts they get! We have channels for different types of ideas like social ideas, technological ideas, and environmental ideas. We do not allow non safe ideas in the server and any discussions of non safe topics.

Rousseau & Co. background
Rousseau & Co. users-three 111 34 2 2

Join Rousseau & Co. Elevate your business with Rousseau & Co. Join our exclusive Discord server for networking, insights, and innovation. Let's thrive together in the world of entrepreneurship!

Language Goals background
Language Goals users-three 10 3

For those looking to learn a language! As more people join, more languages will be added.

Chill Haven background
Chill Haven users-three 52 12

Join our community to chat with others and chill with them u are free to do whatever u want !

CATS background
CATS users-three 62 28

Fellow lovers of comedy sketches and graphic design! (or just hanging out (also cats. and waffles.)) Want somewhere to be your weird, crazy, self? Where we can learn Spanish or sign language together? To send a ton of memes? Or just to chat? Welcome!

Worldwide Language Exchange background
Worldwide Language Exchange users-three 172 16

Want to learn a language, Improve your speaking skills in a fun supportive environment come along and join us

creative cowlight background
creative cowlight users-three 79 15

This server is a place for anyone who is creative and wants to share their ideas with others. Whether you are an artist, musician, writer, designer or just someone who likes to create, this is the place for you 😉