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17+ This is a server to discuss the things you like, with channels dedicated to topics locked behind roles. If you are inactive you will be kicked within a week of inactivity by a bot, so be active. Active members are rewarded with custom roles.


This server is mainly anime and manga centric but we like to talk about movies, tv shows and games too. We are hoping to have active voice chat soon, but atm the server is rather small and some members schedules do not align. This is a US server but we have many euro users, anyone is welcome. We also have a lot of emojis and stickers as well, the server is pretty edgy but we keep it within reason if someone is bothering you or antagonizing you let a mod know and we will deal with it. Unrelated, but if you play overwatch 2 please join. We are hurting for a full team to play with.



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